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10 Diseases and Ailment That Drinking Plenty Water Can Cure

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  • 1. Cancer
  • 2. Obesity
  • 3. Gout
  • 4. Osteoporosis
  • 5. Fever
  • 6. Skin issues
  • 7. Heart disease
  • 8. Sleep disturbances
  • 9. Blood sugar
  • 10. Arthritis

Water is by far the most important resource in the world, yet it garners the respect of so few. How often do you find yourself standing with the fridge door open looking for something to drink – completely ignoring your jug of filtered water that sits before your eyes?

The truth is, water should always be the beverage of choice. While the human body can go about 3 weeks without food, it cannot survive for more than 3 days without water.

Water is essential to every bodily function. No other liquid can sustain your body like water, and the body needs a certain amount of water to function well.

About 80% of the human brain is water, blood contains 83% water, the lungs 79% and muscles 76%. All in all, the human body is comprised of about 75% water. Every function in the body is dependent on a steady supply and flow of water.

Water transports such things as hormones, chemicals and nutrients which are vital to efficient organ function. Without water we would not be able to digest or absorb minerals or nutrients and our kidneys would fail from toxic overload.

Water is, in fact, a sort of miracle elixir – but have you ever thought of it that way?

Here are just a few of the amazing things that water can do for your health:

  1. Cancer

Adequate water intake helps to prevent colon cancer. One study reported that adequate water intake reduced the incidence of colon cancer in men by 92%, breast cancer in woman by 79%, and bladder cancer by 51%.

  1. Obesity

Did you know that 2 glasses of water increased the metabolic rate by about 30% in one study? Researchers believe that an increase in water intake of 6 glasses per day could burn about 5 lbs of fat per year.

  1. Gout

Gout, being a form of arthritis, is also markedly improved if not completed kept at bay with a proper consumption of water. Water helps to remove uric acid and other toxins from joints that build-up causing swelling and pain.

  1. Osteoporosis

This painful condition is characterized by low bone mass and a structural breaking down of bone tissue. Over 10 million Americans suffer from osteoporosis and over 34 million have low bone mass – a precursor to this disease. Although there are certain risk factors that are out of our control, such as race and gender, there is much that we can control – such as how much water we consume. Water not only helps prevent this condition but it can also help sufferers cope.

  1. Fever

Having a fever actually means that the body is fighting off an illness or an infection and is a good sign that things aren’t quite right. Having a fever leads to dehydration because the body will drain water from cells. Fever causes fluid loss and it is paramount that you replace these fluids – water is the best choice. Dehydration can make symptoms worse and cause additional discomfort.

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  1. Skin issues

You may not think about your skin as an organ but in fact, it is the body’s largest organ and is comprised of cells that are made up of water. Just like any other organ, skin needs water to be healthy. Many skin conditions such as overly dry, flaky or blotchy skin may be the result of dehydration. Without adequate water, skin can age prematurely and develop a greater number of wrinkles.

  1. Heart disease

Often called the silent killer, taking the lives of almost 2,200 people daily – yes, we said daily. Heart disease is rampant and we seem to be able to do little to control it. However, it appears as though there is a strong relationship between water and coronary health. One study demonstrated that drinking 5 or more glasses of water per day can cut the risk of dying from a heart attack by 50%. Study leaders say that drinking water is as important as exercising, not smoking and diet in preventing heart disease.

  1. Sleep disturbances

One in three persons suffer from some kind of sleep disturbance, more commonly known as insomnia. Characterized by a persistent problem falling asleep or staying asleep, insomnia can interfere with your work and social life and also contribute to serious health conditions.

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An alarming number of people turn to both prescription and over-the-counter sleeping pills to ease their suffering. However, these pills are dangerous and can be highly addictive. Like so many other conditions, an adequate water intake is essential to reducing overall inflammation which can interfere with a good night’s sleep. When combined with a healthy diet, stress management and exercise, it is possible to develop a healthy sleeping routine without the use of medication.

  1. Blood sugar

According to French researchers, drinking four or more 8 ounce glasses of water per day can prevent the development of high blood sugar – a condition known as prediabetes. One in three Americans have this dangerous precursor to diabetes.

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Researchers state that a hormone called vasopressin (an antidiuretic hormone) helps to balance water retention. When we become dehydrated, the levels of this hormone increase which causes the kidneys to conserve water. Studies indicate that there are vasopressin receptors in the liver – which produces glucose in the body and that higher levels of vasopressin may cause a rise in blood sugar.

  1. Arthritis

Our joints are cushioned by fluid-filled sacs, but when we are dehydrated, our bodies draw water from these non-essential areas. As a result, joints are not adequately cushioned and movement can become painful. Moderate dehydration can actually mimic arthritis.

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