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10 Simple Remedies To Itchy Eyes

To Treat Itchy Eyes It Is Necessary To Find Out The Underlying Cause Of Itchiness...

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  • 1. Cold Compress (Stylecraze.Com)
  • 2. Raw Potatoes (Eyelidslift.Com)
  • 3. Stay Indoors (Everydayhealth.Com)
  • 4. Apple Cider Vinegar (Myhealthtips.In)
  • 5. Carrot Juice (Eyelidslift.Com)
  • 6. Cucumber Slices (Stylecraze.Com)
  • 7. Baking Soda (Myhealthtips.In)
  • 8. Fenugreek (Eyelidslift.Com)
  • 9. Tea Bags (Stylecraze.Com)
  • 10. Water (Stylecraze.Com)
Itching Eyes Are Actually A Symptom Of An Underlying Cause.  Though Itching Eyes Do Not Cause Any Threat To Eyesight, They Can Be A Source Of Irritation And Anxiety For Patients. It Can Affect The Quality Of Day- To- Day Life Of A Person. Itchy Eye Is A Common Problem And It Gets Worse During The Pollen Season Or In The Highly – Polluted Environment. Any Unpleasant Itchy Sensation In And Around The Eyes Is Considered As An Itchy Eye. This Is A Very Common Condition Seen With People Suffering From Allergy. To Treat Itchy Eyes It Is Necessary To Find Out The Underlying Cause Of Itchiness.

  1. Cold Compress (Stylecraze.Com)

The First Thing You Need To Do When Itchiness Strike Your Eyes Is To Splash Some Cold Water Effected Eye. Then, Wrap Some Ice Cubes Or Ice Packs In A Clean Cotton Towel And Place It On Your Closed Eyelids. This Will Help You Get Relief From The Irritation.

  1. Raw Potatoes (Eyelidslift.Com)

Raw Potatoes Can Help You Bring Quick Relief From The Itchy Eyes Because Of Their Astringent Properties. And So They Help Relieve Redness And Inflammation. To Use Raw Properties To Cure Eye Itchiness, You Can Cut A Raw Potato Into Thin Slices And Can Keep Them In The Refrigerator For Few Minutes. Now Put The Chilled Slices Over Your Eyes For About 20-25 Minutes. You Can Do This Every Day For Three To Four Times During Daytime And Once At Night Before Going To Sleep.

  1. Stay Indoors (Everydayhealth.Com)

A Breezy Day With Lots Of Pollen In The Air Can Keep You From Soothing Swollen Eyes Because Of Continued Exposure To Allergens. On Days When Outdoor Allergens Are High, Stay Inside — And Save Outdoor Activities For Just After A Rain, When Fewer Allergens Fill The Air.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar (Myhealthtips.In)

Apple Cider Vinegar Has Antiseptic Properties And Anti Bacterial Property And Hence Help To Fight Any Infection Of The Eyes Causing Eye Itching.

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Mix One Tablespoon Of Apple Cider Vinegar With One Cup Of Water

Use This Solution To Wash Your Eyes To Get Relief From Itching And Irritation

  1. Carrot Juice (Eyelidslift.Com)

Carrot Juice Is Another Best Remedy That Can Taken In View When To Want To Get Relief From Itchy Eyelids As This Juice Contain Major Sources Of Vitamin A And Beta Carotene. Some Other Nutrients That Carrot Juice Contains Are The Vitamin B, Vitamin E And Vitamin K. These All Helps You Get Rid Of Eye Itchiness Easily. So, It Is Always Advised To Drink At Least A Glass Of Carrot Juice Every Day To Maintain Healthy Eye And To Keep Your Eyes Away From Such Eye Problems.

  1. Cucumber Slices (Stylecraze.Com)

This Is One Of The Most Common Remedies That Effectively Treat Eye Irritation And Inflammation. Cut Two Slices Of Cucumber And Place Them In Ice Cold Water For About 10 Minutes. Then, Place These Cucumber Slices On Your Closed Eyelids. The Cool Cucumber Helps In Soothing Your Eyes And Reduces Soreness.

  1. Baking Soda (Myhealthtips.In)

Baking Soda Solution Can Soothe The Eyes And Help To Fight Infections

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Make A Solution Of Baking Soda By Mixing 1/4 Teaspoon Of Baking Soda In ½ Cup Water.

Wash Your Eyes Thoroughly With This Solution To Soothe Your Eye.

  1. Fenugreek (Eyelidslift.Com)

As Per The Ayurveda Research, Fenugreek Can Also Help You Get Relief From The Eye Itchiness. To Use Fenugreek, You Can Soak Fenugreek Seeds In Water For Seven To Eight Hours And Then Make A Smooth Paste Out Of Them And Apply The Paste Over Your Eyes And Leave It On For About 20 Minutes And Then Wash The Paste Off With Cold Water. You Can Try This Remedy Twice A Day For Better Results.

  1. Tea Bags (Stylecraze.Com)

Tea Contains Bioflavonoid That Fights Viral And Bacterial Infections. It Can Also Effectively Reduce Eye Inflammation. Put A Moist Green Or Black Tea Bag On The Affected Eye For Several Minutes. Repeat This 5-6 Times In A Day. If Your Eyes Are Swollen, Moisten The Tea Bag With Cool Water. The Tannic Acid Present In Tea Will Soothe Your Itchy Eye. A Weak Solution Of Tea Can Be Used As An Eye Wash Too.

  1. Water (Stylecraze.Com)

No Matter How Many Times You Have Heard This Before, It Needs To Be Said Again – Drink Water! If You Drink Plenty Of Water, Your Eyes Will Stay Hydrated, Which Will Prevent Eye Irritation.

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