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10 Easy Tips To Help Make Your Hair Longer

If you want long and luscious locks of hair, then read these ten tips on how to make your hair grow longer, faster and more beautiful

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  • 1. Regular haircut
  • 2. Eggs
  • 3. Reduce shampooing
  • 4. Bedtime prep time
  • 5. Massage your scalp
  • 6. Drink plenty of water
  • 7. Avocados
  • 8. Consider biotin
  • 9. Comb regularly
  • 10. Wet your hair before you swim
The rate at which your hair grows is genetic and it normally grows at around a quarter to a half an inch every month. You can, however, do things to increase the growth rate of your hair and improve on the thickness and the healthiness of your locks. If you want long and luscious locks of hair, then read these ten tips on how to make your hair grow longer, faster and more beautiful:

  1. Regular haircut (

Cut your hair at least once in 6-8 weeks Having the goal to make your hair longer it may seem strange, but you should periodically cut off the tips of the hair. Otherwise, your hair will lose its healthy appearance. Ruthlessly cut 0.5-1 cm every 1.5-2 months.

  1. Eggs (

Eggs are an excellent source of those aforementioned omega-3s, and they are also contain biotin (which many people trying to grow their hair take in supplement form). But be aware: It’s not the “healthier” egg white that will make your hair long and beautiful, it’s the yolk. Eating too many egg whites can actually block the absorption of biotin into the body, causing a depletion of this micronutrient.

  1. Reduce shampooing (

Shampoo strips your hair of natural oils. Obviously, this is why you’re using it in the first place: to make your hair less oily. But it’s uncommon to have extremely oily hair all the way to the hair-ends. Try skipping a shampooing once a week, or shampoo only the scalp. Don’t ever skip conditioning it.

  1. Bedtime prep time (

Think about the way you sleep – the motion of tossing and turning may end up getting knots, tangles and breakage.  Use a silk pillow or wear a silk scarf to get rid of friction that often breaks hair.  Prepare your hair for bed by wearing loose styles (e.g. a loose braid, bun, twists).  If you wear a bun or one big braid, using a boar bristle, brush the top and spreading around the natural oils from your scalp and the boar brush also removes tangles. When in doubt, throw on a bonnet and go to sleep.

  1. Massage your scalp (

Massage your scalp every time you shampoo your hair; do it gently, use your fingers, massage your head for about a minute or two, push and move the skin around your head, and it will stimulate the blood flow in your scalp and help your hair grow faster.

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  1. Drink plenty of water (

Hair growth rate depends, in part, on the body processing of toxins. In turn, the latter depends on the amount of consumed liquid. Drink 8 cups of water a day and you will not only add benefits to the overall health and vitality itself but also make your hair stronger. And if you have strong hair, it grows faster.

  1. Avocados (

Due to their high concentration of essential fatty acids naturally found in skin cells (which help to keep your skin smooth and supple), avocados are an age-old beauty secret. When topically applied to the hair and scalp, they have the added ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Mix a little avocado with sour cream (which contains lactic acid to help exfoliate dead skin and clean up buildup on the scalp) and apply to your hair and scalp for about ten minutes before washing off.

  1. Consider biotin (

Taking biotin has become a popular practice for women trying to grow out their hair. It’s a supplement that provides the vitamins your body needs to have healthy hair and nails. However, taking biotin may or may not do your hair much good. According to WebMD, most people get enough biotin naturally through the foods they eat. It’s rare to be deficient in biotin.

  1. Comb regularly (

At least 2 times per day. This stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, nourishing hair roots and thus promotes the growth of the latter. If you ever wonder how to grow long hair, you will probably see a lot of special combs that do not harm your hair.

  1. Wet your hair before you swim (

Your hair can absorb 30% of it’s own weight in water, according to Hair Science. This means you want to control the quality of water it is absorbing. Get your hair wet with tap water before jumping into chlorinated water. If it’s already saturated with fresh water, it won’t absorb as much chlorine.

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